The Turbolinux Migration Kit Cooperatively made by Das Technology and Turbolinux has been officially released!
The US-based Turbolinux has announced its cooperation with Das Technology in March, 2001.
And these two companies have cooperatively release the Windows NT Migration Kit!
The CD-ROM version of full-text search engine, LCDSEARCH, has been release by Das Technology in 2000!


Congratulations to DAS’s new product “Power Plug” and “Home Automation” at Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition).
MAC World Thanks to recommendation from Apple VP, Ron Okamoto. More LSP news: • Mac Fan Net (Japanese)
• Mac Central
• Mac Edtion • Mac News Network
• EE Times • Mac Minute.
LMAILAccessing your email from any browser! Migrating all Outlook/Outlook Express /Exchange Mails/ Addressbooks/ Calendars to Webmail!
ZDNet Thanks for the report by the famous ZDNet from the U.s. The report content about Das Technology by ZDNet is provided below!
LSP: migrate from Windows NT to Linux Enterprises that wish to migrate from Windows NT to Linux face a daunting task-especially those with large numbers of users. DAS Technology's LSP automates the NT-to-Linux migration process at an unbeatable cost.
LSP LSP automatically converts NT/2000/2003 to Linux. Using Linux without learning Linux!
Simple and easy to use! Are you tired of the unstability of NT/2000/2003? Do you want to switch to inexpensive but stable Linux? As everybody knows, Linux is also known for its complicated configurations! However, LSP, developed by DAS Technology, has been released now. The conversion from NT/2000/2003 to Linux can be done without writing any programs.
The famous website in Taiwan, Computex Online, has released a report on Das Technology and its product, LSP, on "Company of the week".
• Das Technology will release LSP 2.0 in Feb !   • LSP software from DAS Tech worth of try !
The Japanese website of the Taipei Computer Association is doing a report on Das Technology. (10.24.2002)
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Das Technology has release the full-text LSEARCH for Linux in August, 2000!


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