The design of LSEARCH is mainly for the Linux server-based full-text search (if your company is using non-Linux systems, such as SUN, DEC ALPHA, HP UNIX, please contact us directly). LSEARCH can be used on most of the Linux servers, like Red Hat, Open Linux and Mandrake, and it is also compatible with web servers, such as APACHE and NETSCAPE that support CGI. We are constantly testing every possibility of different compositions and will be putting new information on our website continuously. You are more than welcome to check our website out. The URL is http://www.das.com.tw.

The characteristics of LCDSEARCH are as the following:
    Easy installation:
    Chinese installation interface (GUI installation on Red Hat already. And we will be ceaselessly testing GUI installation on other Linux systems).

    Easy set-up :

    After the first set-up, users will be able to do remote set-up using web pages.
    Able to set up all the pages according to your own preferences.
    Able to set up sort search. Users on line can choose to search according to different kinds of things!
    You can divide web pages in your website into different sorts, for example, the food industry can be divided into oriental, western, Japanese, Thai, etc.

    Condition search :
    There are all kinds of information on line. When consumers want to search a particular kind of information, they have to browse page by page. It sometimes drives them crazy while they have not yet found what they want. What can they do? LCDSEARCH takes into consideration that many users are not willing to set up a database or are not able to set up one, but they hope to offer their customers database-like functions by designing condition search functions. For instance, users can set up forms for condition search so that their consumers can quickly find the information they need.

Thanks to recommendation from Apple VP, Ron Okamoto.
Accessing your email from any browser! Migrating all Outlook/ Outlook Express / Exchange Mails/ Address/ Calendars to Webmail!
Thanks for the report by the famous ZDNet from the U.s. The report content about DAS Technology by ZDNet is provided below!
LSP automatically converts NT/2000/2003 to Linux. Using Linux without learning Linux!
The famous website in Taiwan,Computex Online, has released a report on DAS Technology and its product, LSP, on "Company of the week".
The Japanese website of the Taipei Computer Association is doing a report on DAS Technology.
The Turbolinux Migration Kit Cooperatively made by Das Technology and Turbolinux has been officially released!
DAS Technology has release the full-text LSEARCH for Linux in August, 2000!
The CD-ROM version of full-text search engine, LCDSEARCH, has been release by DAS Technology in 2000!

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