As everyone knows, Linux has started to become a real threat to Microsoft's Window NT server. Everyone knows that Linux is very stable, compared with Microsoft. However, Linux is very difficult to use due to an entirely different administration GUI, and even has no GUI for many things. There are so many small business out there which have already NT servers, they do want a stabler OS like Linux. But they are confronting with difficulties to a certain degree, which results in the continuation of using the other crash down NT SERVER, They difficulties are as the following :

1. they don't know how to transfers all their files to a Linux server
2. they don't know how to set up mail servers on Linux, not to mention more advanced configurations!
3. they also don't know how to set up a web server on Linux,
4. they don't know how to create virtual directory! This list goes on to: DNS server, DHCP sever, Service manager.
5. they don't know how to share files with window 98/NT computers on their LAN!

LSP can help a user to migrate from NT to Linux automatically, it can perform following things:

1. File Sharing
2. USER and Group and Passwords
3. Mail server
4. Web Server
5. FTP server

  • Required platform: Redhat Linux,Turbolinux
  • U.S. and Taiwan Patent Pending
  • DAS Technology has taken part in the world's greatest Linux Expo, LinuxWorld Cnference & Expo, in New York City. DAS Technology made a demonstration on its latest-developed converting software - LSP, gaining the attention of the famous mass media and the renowned Linux companies.
  • Reported in the 664 issue of the Business Weekly, the major financial magazine in Taiwan. - Linux new stars. DAS Technology

Thanks to recommendation from Apple VP, Ron Okamoto.
Accessing your email from any browser! Migrating all Outlook/ Outlook Express / Exchange Mails/ Address/ Calendars to Webmail!
Thanks for the report by the famous ZDNet from the U.s. The report content about DAS Technology by ZDNet is provided below!
LSP automatically converts NT/2000/2003 to Linux. Using Linux without learning Linux!
The famous website in Taiwan,Computex Online, has released a report on DAS Technology and its product, LSP, on "Company of the week".
The Japanese website of the Taipei Computer Association is doing a report on DAS Technology.
The US-based Turbolinux Has Announced its Cooperation with DAS Technology in March, 2001. And these two Companies have Cooperatively Release the Windows NT Migration Kit!
DAS Technology has release the full-text LSEARCH for Linux in August, 2000!
The CD-ROM version of full-text search engine, LCDSEARCH, has been release by DAS Technology in 2000!

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