DAS Technology Launches LSP -
Windows NT to Mac OS X Server Migration Tool

New software makes it easy to move from Windows servers to Xserve

MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 7th, 2003 - Today DAS Technology of Taiwan announced the availability of LSP for Mac OS X Server, a new tool that makes it easy for users to migrate from Windows NT or Windows 2000 servers to Apple's new rack optimized Xserve running UNIX-based Mac OS X Server software. With LSP's easy to use graphical interface, frustrated Microsoft customers can migrate users, groups, passwords, shared files, permissions and directories from Windows servers to Mac OS X Server in minutes.

"We developed LSP for the many companies who are tired of high recurring license fees and the instability of Windows servers and want a quick and easy way to migrate away," said Adam Wu, President of DAS Technology based in Taiwan. "LSP for Mac OS X Server makes it simple for IT administrators to migrate their Windows servers to Apple's affordable and powerful new Xserve server."

"The combination of a powerful, easy-to-use server and the industry's most attractive software licensing program is making Xserve a winner with CTOs and IT managers in small business, education and the FORTUNE 500," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "LSP for Mac OS X Server makes it easy for Windows customers to migrate to Xserve and enjoy the world's easiest-to-manage, UNIX-based server solution for Mac, UNIX and Windows environments."

LSP for Mac OS X Server automatically converts users and groups and copies files from a Windows server to Mac OS X Server. It also migrates web pages being served by an existing Windows machine to Apache Web server which is included with Mac OS X Server. In addition, it can copy any FTP files and configuration parameters from the Windows environment and even migrate the Windows NT server's DNS and DHCP configurations to Mac OS X Server.

  • DAS is also developing a companion product to ease migration from Microsoft Exchange to Mac OS X Server which will be available later in 2003.

  • Representatives from DAS are demonstrating LSP for Mac OS X Server at Macworld San Francisco 2003, Booth 4036.

  • For more information about LSP and other migration tools from DAS, please visit http://www.das.com.tw




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