Oct 19, 2011

Congratulations to DAS's new product "Power Plug " and "Home Automation" at Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition).

Oct 13-16, DAS Power Plug showed the innovative combination of a stylish digital power meter at HKTDC trade fairs. It is the first three-in-one energy meter in the world, too. Power Plug is not only Timer, Meter but also a Surge Protector. You can estimate electricity expenses by day, week, month or year. Besides, build-in battery and Large LCD display will be easy for you to read Volt, Amp, Watt, VA, Hz, P.F., KWH, Rate, Cost, Elapsed Time, Total, Year, Month, Week and day.

The other new product of DAS Company is "Home Automation". It is the best solution to change your life style by using DAS home automation system. Wherever you are, simply connect your smartphone (Android / IOS), tablet PC or laptop. With DAS home automation, you can control all your home appliances anytime and anywhere.

More information and detail of DAS power plug and home automation equipment, please check www.das.com.tw.