MVReader is designed to read meter via RS232 port
and communicate with control center via GPRS. It
can push meter information back to control center at
specified interval. Das Technology has cooperated
with Itron for more than 10 years, and developed
hardware/software to read/configure Sentinel/ACE

MV90 compatible   Reading meters through optical port
  Convert between GPRS IP packet and MV90 serial data,
transparently compatible with MV90 for both GSM and GPRS! You can simply connect MVReader to any MV90 compatible meters without any other middleware .
    You can read GE and Itron meters without opening meter cover to install modems, and no need to install phone lines. MVReader receive data from MV90/PCPro or GE metermate, and convert its data format so that meter can accept via optical port.
Easy configuration tool   Programmable DI
  Configuring from your laptop, desktop workstantion, Win CE handheld or even old dos handheld! Configure your password, event detection (outage, restore), callback phone/IP number. Can also use AT command to configure GPRS/GSM operation.     One optically isolated Digital Input. Can be used to detect meter enclosure open/close. And send SMS to Control center.
LED indication (option)   Industrial grade GSM modem
  LED indication for GSM connection status and battery status    

60°C, 10 year shelf life battery, industrial power supply, 5KV surge protection, robustic Siemens GSM/GPRS module!



Optical Reader

Power Supply



ANSI C12.18

Industrial grade universal AC power supply, for 216/110V, 50/60 HZ

DAS has mor e than 10 years experience in Embedded system, we can design any device or application you want in-house!

Rechargeable Lithium battery(10 year warranty). Our fail-over design enable MVReader to operate with either AC or battery power.

Operating mode Data, SMS  
Baud rate 14.4kbps  
SIM holder Both 3V and 1.8V  
GSM / GPRS Robust simens module, dual band 900/1800 MHz  
Dimension 11*11.8*4cm (not including battery and power supply)  

1watt for EGSM1800 MHZ(class 1)

2watt for EGSM 900 MHZ(class 4)


Input Power 100~160V AC, 50/60 HZ  
Serial ESD 15KV protection(HBM) for RS232  
GSM features GSM/GPRS Class 10, SMS,AT command  

Operating temperature -20~60℃

storage temperature -40~85℃


Serial Port One external RS232 ports (DB9 male) or one RS485 port  





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